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Who we are...

Entourage is a Greek private company established by Nikolaos Mitsainas and Nikolaos Markopoulos with a mission to provide a select range of premium drinks and beverages to the Greek consumer market.

Since 2013, Entourage has been the official and sole distributor for 28 BLACK, 28 DRINKS, and SOL MATÉ in both Greece and Cyprus.


More life. More style. More energy.

So many opportunities, so many choices. That's what makes life so exciting. Different lifestyles, different expectations – and, every day, new challenges. That's life as it is lived by those who always have something going on tomorrow, and who are never without 28 BLACK.

For the energy for all that awaits them, no matter where they are or what they are doing, they are never satisfied with the ordinary – and neither are we. That's why 28 BLACK is completely vegan, meaning that it contains no taurine, no artificial colouring, and no preservatives.


Perfect in Form

7 times the energy of milk.

Made from açaí and guarana extract, it boosts your body with natural caffeine and 5 vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12, and C), so that you can always be part of the action, whether it's day or night.
Açaí Zero

Casual and Elegant

Only 5 calories per can.

Made from açaí and guarana extract, and deriving its sweetness from the stevia plant, the figure-conscious member of the family provides you with energy and pleasure without regrets.

Classically Distinctive

A thirst for action and adventure.

A natural source of caffeine and vitamins is now available to all the fans of the classic energy drink taste. Enjoy living life to the full without taurine, artificial colours, or preservatives.
Sour Apple

Bold and Active

As colourful as life itself.

Natural, colourful, and with a uniquely tingling sensation, this refreshingly different and sparklingly sour energy drink will make you happy in any place where life is pulsating.
Sour Cherry

Wide Awake

Cherry sour power.

With an unmistakably natural and deliciously fruity note, this reliable and energetic companion guarantees a genuine taste sensation that really makes it stand out from the crowd.
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Note: the brochure is currently available only in Greek language.


Anything but old-fashioned.

New York, 1806. A newspaper enlightens its readers, stating that a cocktail is a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. The result is a stimulating drink – one that would later become known as old-fashioned.

Today, bartenders all over the world still create cocktails using the same basic ingredients. But many cocktails are lacking that certain something without bitters, which makes the 28 DRINKS bitters collection the perfect partner as mixers. Distinctive, fine, bitter-sweet – and they taste good on their own too.

Bitter Lemon

Bitter Pleasure

The most popular soda for adults.

This pleasantly bitter soda goes especially well with vodka or gin. And, enjoyed on its own, the combination of refreshing fruit and the distinctive notes of bitter creates a highly refined experience.
Tonic Water

Herby and Harmonious

It keeps you healthy.

In the humid climes of India, tonic water was a means to ward off tropical diseases. English colonial masters would add gin to temper its all-too-bitter taste, and thus gin and tonic was born.
Ginger Ale

Refined Delicacy

Elegant freshness.

The triumphant tradition of ginger ale in long drinks took off during the prohibition, in the America of the roaring twenties. A strong soft drink was needed to mask the power of bootlegged liquors.
Pink Grapefruit Mint

Bittersweet Satisfaction

A fascinating flavour.

An incomparable taste experience between the fruity juice of the grapefruit and refreshing mint. The perfect basis for extraordinary drinks, and a bittersweet satisfaction whenever it is enjoyed straight.
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Note: the brochure is currently available only in Greek language.


The sunny drink with the maté kick.

The first sip, refreshingly fizzy. The second sip, delightfully tangy. The third sip, wonderfully invigorating. And every sip thereafter, just like the first three – refreshing and stimulating, and hence a nice, natural alternative to energy drinks.

Is it possible for a drink to have rhythm? The answer is yes – if it has a Latin-American soul, and if every sip brings you closer to the pulse of the Caribbean. And the best thing of all is that SOL MATÉ tastes great even when you aren't on the dance floor – while having the very same effect. Feel the rhythm.


Pure Satisfaction

A pleasantly sour refreshment.

The natural, alcohol-free option for fizzy drink lovers, and a sparklingly refreshing alternative to beer drinks. Ideal for anyone who does not like energy drinks, but looks for a caffeine kick.

Intense and Adult

The all-natural beverage.

Made from natural ingredients, this flavour is free from preservatives, artificial colouring, or added aroma – it's light and full of life, and it will brighten your moments with its colourful taste.

Naturally Invigorating

The iced drink of the summer.

Refreshingly fruity, slightly sparkling, and sweetened with organic cane sugar, this flavour is indispensable in your summer moments and blends perfectly with your desires to be on the move.


Full to the brim with energy.

Stay put in the everyday or leave the everyday behind. Be inspired or be an inspiration. Follow the trends or set the trends. Enjoy the sunrise – as the day begins or the night ends. And be sure to check back often for new events, as well as for updated information on current ones!


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We do our best to keep the lines of communication open, and take pride for our excellent customer service with both current and prospective business clients. Please see below for the appropriate contact information, or use the following form to contact us.

Vasileos Georgiou 11,
Chalandri, 152 32, Greece.
+30 210 6854 774

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No taurine.
No artificial additives.
No preservatives.
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